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At a time when technology companies are jumping on the artificial intelligence (AI) bandwagon to incorporate ‘smart companions’ in their products and services, video conferencing platform Zoom has also announced that it is expanding its use of AI in the app. Zoom has announced that it has collaborated with OpenAI, the creator of AI-chatbot ChatGPT, to bring AI-driven features to Zoom IQ.
What is Zoom IQ
Zoom IQ is a smart companion that will help people collaborate seamlessly. With the new AI capabilities, it can summarise chat threads, organise ideas, draft content for chats, emails, and whiteboard sessions, create meeting agendas and more. The company also announced it will use OpenAI to boost its approach towards AI technology based on flexibility.
“Zoom has long built AI solutions into our products to empower customers to be more productive,” said Smita Hashim, chief product officer at Zoom.
“We are excited to bring many more capabilities with new large language models. Our unique approach to AI will give customers the flexibility they want and help significantly improve collaboration and customer relations,” Hashim added.
Zoom IQ AI capabilities
Zoom IQ chat compose: Zoom Team Chat users can soon use the compose feature to write messages based on conversational context. Furthermore, users can change message tone to customise suggested responses.
Zoom IQ email compose: Just like chat, users can also get email draft suggestions in response to the conversational context from prior Zoom Meetings, Phone calls and email threads. Initially, this feature will be available in Zoom IQ for Sales.
Zoom IQ meeting summary: Users can also harness the power of AI to generate a summary, capture next steps, and share via Team Chat, Zoom Calendar, and email without recording the conversation. This feature will help users quickly get important details without having to sit through lengthy recordings.

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