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ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, accepted that it used the app to spy on the reporters to track down their sources, as per emails exchanged within the company, reports The New York Times.
TikTok’s parent company conducted an internal investigation, uncovering that four of its employees in China used the app to gather information on two accounts in the US that belonged to journalists. Meanwhile, Forbes has claimed that two of its have been the victim of this espionage. The physical movements of certain journalists, as indicated by their IP addresses, were monitored in an effort to determine if they had been near TikTok employees suspected of leaking information.
The four employees involved in the scandal have been fired, said the company, who instead were earlier reported to have resigned.
TikTok boss’ writes to employees
“I was deeply disappointed when I was notified of the situation, and I’m sure you feel the same,” wrote Rubo Liang, CEO ByteDance in an email to employees. The email further reads, “The public trust that we have spent huge efforts building is going to be significantly undermined by the misconduct of a few individuals.”
The CEO of TikTok, Shou Zi Chew, also sent an email to his employees, writing, “We take data security incredibly seriously,” Chew said in the email. He said that over the past 15 months, the company had worked to create a new US-based data storage program as a “testament to that commitment.”
TikTok under US government scanner over national security
This revelation comes at a time when US lawmakers are planning to put a ban on TikTok over growing concerns about user privacy and national security. Last week, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley’s bill to prohibit TikTok on US government smartphones was passed in the Senate, and this week it will be passed in the house of representatives, banning TikTok nationwide on government employees’ smartphones.

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