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Apple launched the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro series, and ‘rival’ brands started to take jibes at the company. One of the highlights of this year’s ‘Wonderlust’ event was the introduction of USB Type-C ports on the iPhones. While Apple didn’t talk much about the new charging port like many may have expected, it gave fodder to the rival brands such as Samsung, to comment on it.
“At least we can C one change that’s magical,” the company said in a post on X. In another tweet, it said, “This one REALLY could have used ‘one more thing’”, referring to the famous signature line that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs used to introduce a product at the end of an Apple event, as if it were an after-thought. However, that product turned out to be one of the highlights of the show.

Nothing mocks Apple USB Type-C
One the day of the launch, Nothing also mocked Apple by posting an image of a connector that has a Lightning port on the one side, and a USB Type-C port on the other. It suggested that Apple will not bring a USB Type-C port on iPhones and AirPods despite being pressured by the European Union and will find a solution to the ‘problem’.

Nothing also mocked the colour offering of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus by sharing an image of coloured highlighters which resemble the colour options offered by Apple. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus come in Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black colour options.

Google’s “Best Phones Forever” ads
Earlier this year, Google also joined the fray in mocking Apple when it released a series of advertisements highlighting things that a Google Pixel smartphone can do and an iPhone cannot. In the latest ad, Google also teased that Apple will finally introduce USB Type-C port on iPhones.

#BestPhonesForever: Spa Day

This has been sort of a tradition now that some or the other brand – be it Google, Samsung and now Nothing – has something to say to Apple whenever the company launches its new models. While some on Twitter see this as trolling, a few others call it a healthy competition.
Why is USB Type-C port is a big deal for Apple iPhones
Apple has continued with the same charging port of the iPhones since 2012 while the industry moved on to the USB Type-C port, which is now a standard. Apple was ‘forced’ by the EU rules to bring the new connector of iPhones.

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