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Microsoft-backed artificial intelligence research startup OpenAI developed and launched the AI chatbot named ChatGPT in November 2022. Since its release, the chatbot has gained a lot of popularity for its ability to process prompts and churn out human-like answers. Tech giant Microsoft recently announced integration of ChatGPT with its Bing search engine and Edge browser.
After Microsoft Edge, another web browser is set to adopt the AI-based chatbot for its platform. Opera has announced the addition of a ChatGPT-powered tool to its sidebar. This tool named “shorten” will generate summaries of web pages and articles. The feature is a part of the company’s broader plans to integrate AI tools into its browser, just like what Microsoft’s currently doing with Edge.
Opera “shorten” feature: Availability
The “shorten” feature isn’t currently available for all users. Jan Standel, VP of marketing and communications at Opera has claimed that the ChatGPT option will “launch in browsers very soon.”
Opera ChatGPT integration: How will it work
The company has updated its blog post to show a demo of how the ChatGPT-integrated Opera browser will work. In this case, users need to activate the feature by choosing the “shorten” toggle which will be available to the right of the address bar. Then, a sidebar with ChatGPT will pop out from the left. The popped-out portion will then generate a bulleted summary of the article or the webpage that they were looking at.
Opera ChatGPT vs Edge ChatGPT
The ChatGPT integration done in Opera is different from the Edge one. Opera’s search engine will offer access to an AI chatbot that will provide annotated answers to queries. Meanwhile, Edge also has an AI “copilot” feature that can also summarize webpages or articles. Moreover, Edge’s AI can also generate text for social media posts and more. Earlier this week, Google also showed off its AI search bot Bard. Google Bard is currently available to “trusted testers” as per the company.
Opera’s head of strategic partnerships and AI ecosystem, Per Wetterdal, told The Verge, “We are excited to see the rapid roll-out of developer programs for solutions such as Google Bard, for example, and are starting to build and roll out new experiences in web browsing that not very long ago seemed impossible to achieve.”
Opera is also working on other AI-powered features. One of them includes the capability to “augment” the browsing experience by adding “popular AI-generated content services to the sidebar,” he said. However, the company has so far not clearly explained how these new features will work.

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