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Microsoft is testing a new generative artificial intelligence-based text-to-image creator in Paint for Windows 11. In a blog post, the tech giant announced the new tool which is called the Paint Cocreator. The company claims that the DALL-E-powered tool will be able to create art based on a description the user types in. Moreover, the tool will also allow users to select different art styles for Cocreator to generate three variations of the same picture. After choosing the one they like, users will be able to see the artwork. For example users will be able to add layers to the generated images and this feature is also new to Paint.struggled to correctly interpret text input. Aside from that,
As the previous generations of DALL-E has struggled to interpret text input accurately, it remains to be seen how OpenAI’s latest DALL-E image generation model converts text to images. Previous generations of DALL-E also struggled to accurately interpret text input. Also, reports have claimed that, DALL-E has been prone to gender and racial bias. In its blog post, Microsoft confirmed that steps have been taken to prevent the creation of “harmful, offensive, or inappropriate” images. However the company didn’t offer much detail.
Microsoft Paint CoCreator: Availability
Paint Cocreator is expected to be available to all Windows 11 users in a few weeks. However, Microsoft is slowly rolling out the feature to Windows Insiders. Users have to join a waitlist to gain access to the preview.
Users will then receive 50 credits for joining the waitlist and each of these will let them create a new set of images. This credit system is expected to change after the preview period is over. Users also may have to pay for this tool in the coming days.
Currently, the Paint Cocreator is available in preview for users in English and can be accessed by Windows 11 users residing in the US, the UK, France, Australia, Canada, Italy, and Germany.
Microsoft has also recently added a new feature to the Photos app on Windows 11. This feature helps users to blur out backgrounds and highlights the subject or whichever area they prefer. Users can also adjust the intensity of the blur with this tool.

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