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The upcoming celestial event, known as a Lunar Eclipse, is set to occur on October 28, 2023. From a scientific perspective, a lunar eclipse transpires when the Earth moves directly between the Sun and the Moon, resulting in the Earth’s shadow being projected onto the surface of the Moon. The upcoming lunar eclipse will be visible in all the Indian cities.Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming celestial event.
Timings of the lunar eclipse
The partial lunar eclipse is scheduled to commence on Saturday, October 28, and extend into Sunday, October 29. In India, the eclipse will commence at around 11:31 PM. By approximately 1:05 AM on Sunday (Indian Standard Time – IST), the darker portion of the Earth’s shadow, known as the umbra, will envelop the lunar surface. The lunar eclipse on Sunday, October 29, will start at 1:05 AM and conclude at 2:24 AM.
Visibility of lunar eclipse in India
According to NASA, the lunar eclipse will be observable across all regions of India. Furthermore, it will also be visible throughout the Eastern Hemisphere, encompassing regions of Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia.
How to watch the lunar eclipse
No special equipment is required to witness a lunar eclipse, although binoculars or a telescope can enhance your experience and reveal the moon’s reddish hue more vividly. For optimal viewing, it’s essential to position yourself in a dark, light-free environment, away from the influence of bright lights.

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