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TEL AVIV: The Ministry of Environmental Protection held a meeting of the Climate Change Preparedness Directorate to promote the formulation of the national plan for climate change and to prepare for expected rises in sea levels.
Board members representing various government ministries, local government and industry representatives discussed the proposed steps of the national climate change preparedness plan at the meeting. The process is carried out with the formation of the preparedness plans of the government ministries and is based on insights that emerged within the work of the ministries and in the framework of an international comparison that reviewed leading preparedness plans from around the world.
Environmental Protection Minister Idit Silman: “We are determined to pass a climate law with binding goals from the UN climate conference in Dubai, which will lead to zero emissions and the promotion of renewable energies, with the aim of fighting climate change and preparing for the accompanying changes.”
“It is impossible to ignore the sharp and extreme changes in the weather and the climate events that are seen around the world, such as the unusual heat waves that we experienced this summer in Israel. The State of Israel is small and dense, and the environment crosses borders and sectors. We must work with the cooperation of government ministries and local government to prepare accordingly. The climate law will put the state Israel on par with the developed countries in the world, and will be a step up in the fight and preparation for the climate crisis.”

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