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Instagram will soon get some new and interesting features designed for its GenZ users. Meta has previewed multiple new features at an education session in Gurgaon. The new features include Birthday’s, Audio Notes, Selfie Video Notes, and Multiple Lists in Stories. The company has also revealed that it will soon begin testing of these features.
Instagram is introducing these fresh features with the goal of captivating its Gen Z audience and adapting its platform to cater to its user base. The testing phase for these features is set to kick off in the near future.
Here are the new features coming to Instagram
This new Instagram feature will help people let their friends and followers know when it’s their birthday, and helps their friends celebrate them in fun ways, like stickers and confetti.
Audio notes and selfie video notes
Notes has gained popularity among the younger generation as a convenient platform for sharing updates with friends. It ranks among the top methods teenagers use to communicate with their peers, alongside direct messages (DMs). Instagram is now introducing two new types of notes — Audio notes and selfie video notes.
– Audio Notes – This will help you leave a voice recording as a Note.
– Selfie Video notes – This will allow you to capture a short video that will loop in your Note for 24 hours.
Multiple lists in Stories
This new feature will enable you to expand your lists beyond just Close Friends. In the near future, you’ll have the ability to create lists for various friend groups and even your family – essentially, anyone you desire.

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