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In the largest city of northeast Nebraska, a peculiar incident unfolded as police pulled over a car that contained an unexpected passenger—a bull. Reassuringly, the driver didn’t employ bull-like driving skills, the AP reported on Wednesday.
The residents of Norfolk, Nebraska were surprised when they witnessed a car transporting a massive bull as a passenger on the expressway one Wednesday morning.
According to the AP report, upon responding to a call about a “vehicle with a cow inside” traversing the town located approximately 120 miles northwest of Omaha, the Norfolk police were truly surprised when they encountered this extraordinary passenger.
Although the police initially presumed the animal might be a small calf, their astonishment grew as they arrived at the scene.
Norfolk Police Captain Chad Reiman said, “Our comprehension of the situation only became complete when we actually laid eyes on it.”
“Officers promptly initiated a traffic stop and attended to various traffic infractions linked to the peculiar circumstance,” Reiman told News Channel Nebraska.
“The officer issued several warnings to the owner,” Reiman shared with the local media outlet. “There were identifiable issues in relation to the situation. The officer chose to provide a warning and requested the owner to transport the animal back home and exit the city.”
The bull “Howdy Doody” is owned by Lee Meyer, a resident of Neligh, Nebraska. The vehicle, driven by Lee Meyer, who has showcased it in parades across the region for years, featured a unique arrangement: half of the windshield and roof had been removed to accommodate his bull named Howdy Doody. The passenger side was equipped with a yellow metal cattle gate functioning as a door, allowing the Watusi bull to be safely secured. Additionally, a set of longhorns served as an unconventional hood ornament.
Reiman humorously noted, “It certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed.”
A video of the traffic stop, recorded by News Channel Nebraska, rapidly gained attention online.
Adorning the side of Meyer’s car was a sign from a recent parade in Burwell, proclaiming Howdy Doody’s ride as the “Best Car Entry” in Nebraska’s Big Rodeo Parade.
Reiman shared that Meyer informed him that during the aforementioned parade, Howdy Doody was transported in a proper trailer. Therefore, it remained unclear why Meyer chose to transport the bull within his car, covering a distance of 36 miles from his residence in Neligh to Norfolk.
Reiman mentioned that Meyer wasn’t en route to a parade on that Wednesday. Attempts to contact Meyer were initially unsuccessful, but his wife, Rhonda, disclosed to a Norfolk radio station that had documented the traffic stop video, that Howdy Doody had been a beloved companion for Meyer over the past eight or nine years.
Existing videos from 2017 and 2019 showcase Lee Meyer navigating the streets with Howdy Doody aboard.
Rhonda Meyer revealed to US92 that her husband, Lee, believes he’s gained a certain level of celebrity status following the viral video of his traffic stop, although he maintains a somewhat reserved demeanor.
While Howdy Doody has indeed become a cherished member of the family, Rhonda Meyer admitted she wasn’t always thrilled about the financial investment her husband had made in the bull over the years. She humorously noted, “The money spent on this entire project—between the car and the bull—could have easily funded a brand new kitchen.”
Reiman acknowledged that there were undoubtedly traffic violations associated with Meyer’s unique car setup, yet the officer chose to issue a warning on the condition that Meyer promptly returned home with Howdy Doody.
Reiman concluded, “We’ve never encountered anything quite like this before.”
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