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Google Maps, one of the most popular navigation and mapping services, not only helps you find your way but also simplifies the process of booking hotels and flights. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to find and book hotels and flights using Google Maps, making your travel planning a seamless and convenient experience.
Follow the below mentioned steps to find and book hotels with the help of Google Maps:
Open Google Maps
Begin by opening the Google Maps app on your smartphone or accessing it through your computer’s web browser at
Search for Your Destination
Enter the name of your destination, city, or airport in the search bar to focus your search.
Explore Nearby Hotels

  • Once your destination is displayed on the map, zoom in to the area you plan to stay in.
  • Click on the “Search nearby” button, and from the list of categories, select “Hotels.”

Filter and Compare Hotels

  • Google Maps will show you a list of hotels in the area. Use the available filters to narrow down your options by price, rating, and other preferences.
  • Click on a hotel to view more details, including photos, reviews, and booking options.

Book a Hotel

  • Upon finding a hotel that meets your criteria, you can either click “Book now” or “View website” to check availability and rates.
  • Depending on the hotel, you may be able to book directly through Google or be redirected to the hotel’s website or a booking platform like or Expedia.

Find Nearby Airports

  • If you need to book a flight, type “airports” into the search bar to locate the nearest airports to your destination.

Search for Flights

  • Click on the airport you plan to depart from or arrive at and select options like “Explore flights” or similar features.

Compare Flight Options

  • Google Maps will display a list of available flights to and from your chosen airport. You can apply filters based on date, airline, or price to narrow down your options.
  • Click on a flight to view more details and proceed with the booking process through the airline’s official website or a booking platform.

Book Your Flight

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your flight booking, including selecting your travel dates and providing passenger information.

Save Your Plans

  • For convenience, save your reservations and travel plans in the “Your places” section within Google Maps.

Review Your Trip

  • Utilise the “Your timeline” feature in Google Maps to comprehensively review your entire trip, including your hotel and flight bookings.

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