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Google Chrome doesn’t allow Android users to take screenshots in Incognito Mode due to privacy restrictions. Whenever users try to take a screenshot in Chrome’s Incognito mode on their Android devices, the browser either shows a warning that the screenshot cannot be captured or users get a blank screen. According to a report, the tech giant is testing a new Canary flag on its popular browser that will enable Android users to take screenshots even while using Incognito Mode.
The company introduced a temporary workaround for this issue with Chrome 88.With the ‘chrome://flags/#incognito-screenshot’ flag, Android users were able to take screenshots in Google Chrome’s Incognito Mode. However, activating this flag made the preview of the Incognito tab visible in the phone’s Recent overview. This allowed prying eyes to see the users’ browsing habits while they scroll through their recent apps. According to a tweet shared by an Android researcherMishaal Rahman, Google is reportedly fixing this issue with another new flag.

How Google is fixing the screenshot ‘issue’ in Chrome’s Incognito Mode
This issue has been discussed and spotted for years on the Chromium bug tracker. The latest Google Chrome Canary flag will help Android users to take screenshots in the Incognito tab and its content won’t appear in the Recent Apps screen.

However, users need to keep in mind that this new flag will work only on devices running Android 13 and above. The report claims that the new flag makes use of the setRecentsScreenshotEnabled API.

Android users who are interested in using this feature can try it out by installing Google Chrome Canary on their phones. The free app is available on Google Play Store. After installing the app, users have to type chrome://flags in the address bar and search for the ‘Improved Incognito Screenshots’ flag. Users need to relaunch Google Chrome after enabling this flag to take screenshots in Incognito Mode without any backlogs.

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