Blogger vs WordPress which is better and why?

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Hello guys how are you all I wish you all are good if you want to do blogging and you are confused that which is best and better platform is that blogger or wordpress and in this article I will tell you “blogger vs WordPress” which is better and why? So in this article I tell you my experience and I wish your confusion will be go out and you easily make website or blog and do blogging so read this article full

Now the first question is that why you want to do blogging for earning money online or to show your talent to other people’s. And second question is that what is your budget means how much money you want to spend on your blog for your website if you want to spend low money on your website then blogger is best for you and if you want to spend a good money then the wordpress is best and better for you so now below we compare some conditions and after that we can find which platform is better.

1. Price

Blogger is totally free platform to do blogging and you can easily and freely make a website or blog on blogger and if you want to set a custom domain then you can do it in lowest price.
WordPress is also open source software but if you want to make website or blog on wordpress then you want to buy hosting and domain name which is costly for you and if you want to spend money on blogging then you go to WordPress.

2. Which is secure

In blogger we can easily make a blog and it security totally depend on blogger and blogger gives your website free security and it is a product of Google then it security is good but in WordPress we want to secure our website by some component and use some plugin. Or maybe we want to buy ssl security for our website. But blogger give ssl for free. In wordpress hacking chance is more but its depend on our security.

3. Features

it’s clear that WordPress is more feature then blogger because blogger is free and wordpress is paid and if you spend your money then you get lots of feature then free method. in blogger you make easily and very simple website but in WordPress you make a professional website by your knowledge if you have knowledge of coding then you make a very professional website on WordPress. if you need a simple website and interface then blogger is best for you and if you want lots of feature and professional website then you choose WordPress.

4. Which is Simple in use

if you don’t have any knowledge of coding or web development then you can use blogger easily and you don’t get any problem in future but in WordPress you want to have knowledge of coding and web development otherwise you don’t make a good website on wordpress and facing lots of issues and errors in your website so it’s depend on you.

5. Seo Friendly

if we talk about SEO means Search Engine Optimisation then both are same in SEO and WordPress or blogger are SEO friendly but in WordPress we have lots of more features then blogger and wordpress provide SEO plugins that makes us your best and better and rank your website in Google fast then you do SEO.
Conclusion – so guys these are some point that we discuss and after that i wish you guess which is better “blogger vs WordPress” if this article is helpful for you then dont forget to share with your friends…!

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