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Telecom service provider Airtel has reported a significant jump in international roaming subscription packs for customers who are travelling abroad from Delhi as compared to last year. To cater to this surge and provide last-minute assistance, Airtel has set up an international roaming kiosk at the departure terminal of Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport in the duty-free area.
Airtel has refreshed its international roaming plans
To simplify things further, Airtel has also refreshed its international roaming plans to make it more affordable for its customers. The Airtel International roaming plans now start for as low as Rs 133 per day. The company claims that their international plans are more economical than the local SIMs of most countries and that has resulted in a significant jump for the company in pack subscriptions in both the prepaid and postpaid segments.
The 10-day validity packs remain the most popular pack subscriptions among the Delhiite out roamers and even though USA and UK are the most frequently travelled destinations from India, the most popular international holiday destinations on Airtel’s network for Delhiites are European countries like Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland.
Airtel’s International Roaming Plan offers several advantages over local SIM cards, including seamless connectivity (with no need for a change of number), the best available network, flexible duration options, unlimited emergency connectivity, control through the Airtel Thanks App and a dedicated toll-free number 99100-99100 available on call and WhatsApp. Further, recognising the importance of simplifying activation for international outroamers, Airtel has set up a kiosk at the departure terminal of Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport in the duty-free area.
Here are some key features of Airtel International roaming plans

  • One of the most affordable plans: The Airtel IR Plan is very affordable and it costs as little as Rs 133/day making it more convenient and economical than the local SIMs of most countries.
  • Duration is the only decision that customers need to make: Customers simply need to select the duration of their travel, ranging from 1 day to 90 days or even opt for an annual International Roaming Pack for NRIs, making it convenient and flexible for all types of travellers.
  • Unlimited emergency connectivity: Even if customers exhaust their data limit, essential services such as messaging, emails and web browsing will continue to work, ensuring they are never disconnected. Top-up options are also available through the Airtel Thanks App and the Airtel website.
  • Control in customer’s hands: Through the Airtel Thanks App, customers can easily manage their plans, switch the service on or off, change the plan, purchase extra data and activate international roaming upon landing in their destination country.
  • Same number throughout: Customers can stay connected with friends and family on the same number and be able to receive updates from their banks, hotels and airlines throughout.
  • Safety: With Airtel’s IR pack, customers can avoid exposing their private documents to local shops for a new SIM. They can also protect themselves from fraudulent banking transactions by remaining on the same number.
  • 24×7 dedicated troubleshooting support: Airtel provides dedicated support through the toll-free number +91 99100-99100, available everywhere. Customers can call or message through WhatsApp to receive assistance from experienced executives.

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